Sunday, February 20, 2011

Judi gets the last say...

At See's Judi decided she wanted it all for herself.  She kicked everyone else out of the group shot and then...
She was able to contemplate what to eat all on her own.

See's and See Ya Later

It was raining, but we got everyone to See's fairly dry and unharmed.
After wandering the shop (and getting samples!) everyone posed for a group shot:

Then we bought our candy.

BabyKaykes got a special treat (which will be going to her house tomorrow- it got too late tonight.)

Then we sadly had to say goodbye.  But we had a blast, and were glad you all came with us!

Bye Bye, Buy Buy Baby!

We had a few more stops to make before we left the store.
First Chely spotted something that amused her, as a mom of 3 boys:

Then, Giant Baby got a psychic baby message from Parker, that his mom (LM4M) needed to see this onesie:

(I told Giant Baby that LM4M and I have to do SOMETHING when we're not sleeping, and what did she expect?  She had no answer, and just looked adorable.)

Finally, Giant Baby pushed the cart out of the store with all the friends in it.  Because she's an awesome baby like that.

But Wait! You forgot...

A few more members found some stuff to do too!
Ajtas, Sunny, Steph, and Stephie realized they could go pick up more members...they found a bus!

Christy was tired.  She took a short nap in a swing while Giant Baby was eating the others in the MamaRoo.

A Near-Tragic Occurence, In Which MSK Saves the Day.

A little later on, trippsmom, Louisa+3, mommyboha, ajtastad, rachel and crabbybunch decided to go swimming in a Winnie the Pooh bathtub.

But, they didn't realize how deep the water was!  Oh noes!  They began to call for help!

MSK jumped in with her super-absorbancy.

Then, after pulling them all out, she helped them dry off.

Hooray for MSK!

The JJB Awe

Yes, there might have been some confrontation going on at the JJB wall, but everyone else stood in great awe...

JuJuBe lurve

A bunch of the friends found the JuJuBe shelf, with lilboyblue's help.
This shelf was the unfortunate scene of a confrontation between LM4M and The Queen Mother.

LM4M told The Queen Mother that she was having a bad hair day.
The Queen Mother responded that people who lived in wardrobe malfunctions shouldn't talk.

Luckily, the mighty power of JuJuBe lured them back into a trance of tranquility, and they soon forgot their petty quarrel.


...a little ways away, more stuff was going on.

LM4M and MSK gravitated to the scary penis toy.

j-max, Louisa+3, and crabbybunch decided to take a nap, and try out a pretty purple bassinet.

Then they were attacked by a bear!

Luckily, Giant Baby showed up to eat the bear and save the day.

More Adventures with Giant Baby

Besides loving the MamaRoo, Giant Baby REALLY liked rachel.  Especially to chew on.

Chely was glad to let rachel take some of the abuse, after a severe slobber attack...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Giant Baby Attacks

While wandering around the store, Giant Baby (who weighs a whopping 12 pounds at almost 7 months) wanted to try the MamaRoo.  She took some friends with her for a ride. 
Tripps and Chely were the lucky ones to ride first. Giant Baby thought it was great fun and liked how she camouflaged right into the seat!  
Giant Baby really, really liked Chely.  Uh, this picture was taken shortly before Chely and Tripps got slobbered.  A lot.

Continuing adventures in the car seat and stroller section

After the group shot, all the friends decided to wander around the car seat and stroller area a bit.

First mylilboyblue put on her Tour Guide hat (she used to work at BBB, after all) to show everyone around.  (I told her she looked like a geek, and further, that was my birth control pill case, but she wouldn't listen.)

Judi, being a super-geek as well as a nerd (and I mean that in the best way possible) headed straight for the Orbit display.

aure and Mae took a ride in the Bob double.  The seats were cushy.  They refused to use the harnesses.  Stinkers.

mommyboha saw BabyKaykes standing alone gazing at a Parkway SGL, and gave her a hug, because we all want to hug BabyKaykes right now.

Then we headed on to the next section...

Meeting the other half of the group

Just in case you are confused...make sure you read the blog from the bottom up.  You will then get the story in order.  :)  Anyway, here is a group photo!  You can spot Chely's new identity.  She is the large gold horn on the left side.

The Troop in Tujunga

I (ketchupqueen) had 11 people show up at my house. (It was supposed to be ten, but, well, stuff happens.)

My peeps consisted of:
The Queen Mother

tnt's mom
First to show up was mylilboyblue.
Next came j-max.

Then sunny showed up, followed by tnt'smom.

After that came Mae and aure-- who, we were amused to see, were dressed alike.

Louisa+3 and The Queen Mother came by.

Then crabbybunch rolled in.

BabyKaykes was next, looking stylish as always.

Finally, LM4M came by.  She was having a bad day, and had a wardrobe malfunction.

Also, she resented having to wear a name tag.  So she refused to put it on the front, and stuck it on her butt.

I told them they were too small, and needed a car bed.  They claimed that a car bed was not cool enough.  So I told them it was actually a European carrycot.  They fell for it and piled in.

Oops, I forgot to mention it had a lid!  Sorry peeps!  Muahahaha!

Hey, at least it installed pretty securely.  I even locked the belt!

Off they go!

MSK cushioned the fall of everyone as they hopped into the transporter bag (and was prepared to soak up any bodily fluids that may have leaked due to casualties).
Since there wasn't enough seats in the car, everyone just rode in the transporter while Steph made sure that they were kinda, sorta, belted into the GN.  Yeah, they all probably should have been RFing but "Giant Baby" was taking up the only RFing seat in the car.

And so it begins

We got word that a bunch of c-s.orgers had never been to a Buy Buy Baby (BBB) or had Sees candy.  Since KQ and I were going to be meeting anyway, we decided to extend the invite to 20 or so extra people to accompany us.  After all, the more the merrier!  Scoutingbear decided that she would bring 10 people and KQ would bring 10.  The following are the friends that Scoutingbear brought with her.  Chely, Trippsmom, Stephie1012, Judi, ajtastad, rachelandtyke, mommyboha, MSK, christyjoel..., and steph.  Names have been shortened for the rest of the adventure. 

Christy..., Tripps, and MommyB begin to gather together for the trip to BBB and Sees.

They are soon joined by Judi, Rachel..., and Ajtas

Steph, Stephie, Chely (who later changed her identity), and MSK are the last to arrive

Everyone works together to climb into the transporter.

Steph and Stephie hold hands so they won't get lost.
Everyone is in!  Time to get going!