Saturday, February 19, 2011

Continuing adventures in the car seat and stroller section

After the group shot, all the friends decided to wander around the car seat and stroller area a bit.

First mylilboyblue put on her Tour Guide hat (she used to work at BBB, after all) to show everyone around.  (I told her she looked like a geek, and further, that was my birth control pill case, but she wouldn't listen.)

Judi, being a super-geek as well as a nerd (and I mean that in the best way possible) headed straight for the Orbit display.

aure and Mae took a ride in the Bob double.  The seats were cushy.  They refused to use the harnesses.  Stinkers.

mommyboha saw BabyKaykes standing alone gazing at a Parkway SGL, and gave her a hug, because we all want to hug BabyKaykes right now.

Then we headed on to the next section...

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