Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Troop in Tujunga

I (ketchupqueen) had 11 people show up at my house. (It was supposed to be ten, but, well, stuff happens.)

My peeps consisted of:
The Queen Mother

tnt's mom
First to show up was mylilboyblue.
Next came j-max.

Then sunny showed up, followed by tnt'smom.

After that came Mae and aure-- who, we were amused to see, were dressed alike.

Louisa+3 and The Queen Mother came by.

Then crabbybunch rolled in.

BabyKaykes was next, looking stylish as always.

Finally, LM4M came by.  She was having a bad day, and had a wardrobe malfunction.

Also, she resented having to wear a name tag.  So she refused to put it on the front, and stuck it on her butt.

I told them they were too small, and needed a car bed.  They claimed that a car bed was not cool enough.  So I told them it was actually a European carrycot.  They fell for it and piled in.

Oops, I forgot to mention it had a lid!  Sorry peeps!  Muahahaha!

Hey, at least it installed pretty securely.  I even locked the belt!

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