Saturday, February 19, 2011

And so it begins

We got word that a bunch of c-s.orgers had never been to a Buy Buy Baby (BBB) or had Sees candy.  Since KQ and I were going to be meeting anyway, we decided to extend the invite to 20 or so extra people to accompany us.  After all, the more the merrier!  Scoutingbear decided that she would bring 10 people and KQ would bring 10.  The following are the friends that Scoutingbear brought with her.  Chely, Trippsmom, Stephie1012, Judi, ajtastad, rachelandtyke, mommyboha, MSK, christyjoel..., and steph.  Names have been shortened for the rest of the adventure. 

Christy..., Tripps, and MommyB begin to gather together for the trip to BBB and Sees.

They are soon joined by Judi, Rachel..., and Ajtas

Steph, Stephie, Chely (who later changed her identity), and MSK are the last to arrive

Everyone works together to climb into the transporter.

Steph and Stephie hold hands so they won't get lost.
Everyone is in!  Time to get going!

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